Who is Forge Maelström?

Forge Maelström was born from a simple reflection: the desire to be closer to my children, to my wife and to be available for them.

   After several years in the field of metallurgy, and with a legacy of blacksmiths from my maternal great-grandfather, I decided to invest the sacred fire of the forge that I cultivated since my youth in Forge Maelström , traditional cutlery.


What are the advantages of traditional cutlery?

First of all, respect for technique. Forging is a plastic deformation process where the blacksmith stretches, compresses and shapes the chosen metal. Then, the use of charcoal and its various mixtures allow control over the very nature of the alloy, making it possible to improve its properties. In addition, manual tools are recommended, those from another century, which reveal the skill of the craftsman.


Where do the materials for manufacturing come from?

Forge Maelström is a family business committed to leaving a promising future full of possibilities for future generations. This is why 90% of the materials used for manufacturing are raw materials recycled within the workshop of Forge Maelström. Reducing the company's environmental impact is at the heart of our concerns.


What are the special features of Forge Maelström products?

Each of Forge Maelström's products are completely handcrafted and assembled to order, to your specifications. Only a small amount is kept in inventory. The love of the craft shines through in each of them and they reflect the meticulous work of the blacksmith. No mechanical hammer here! No more than gas forging! Everything is the result of many years invested in mastering the various manufacturing techniques and traditional forging tools.


What kind of shopping experience can I expect?

Forge Maelström is committed to providing human service that is respectful and attentive to your needs. The follow-up is carried out by a professional who does not hesitate to draw, call and even do research in order to meet your needs. The small team of Forge Maelström understands that human value is invaluable and that by making this gesture of trust you too become the standard bearer of the company. 

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